Every once in a while I try to be a nice mom and send The Pretty One back to college with food. I’d hate to see the kid starve, ya know? Besides, it gives me a chance to make a batch of something I wouldn’t want to eat all by myself, like chili or pot roast.

When I found this recipe for Oreo-Cocoa Krispies Treats on www.culinaryconcoctionsbypeabody.com,  I thought, “Oreos and cocoa krispies stuck together with marshmallowy goodness? Yes please!” (Click for recipe.)

I prefer Golden Original Oreos, but The Pretty One likes the traditional Oreo sandwich cookie, so I set out to buy the original cookies. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Double Stuf Heads or Tails cookies — half traditional, half Golden Original — and decided to use those. I thought they might lighten up the chocolate-ness of the recipe, since chocolate flavored crisped rice is used instead of regular crisped cereal. Wow. I can’t believe I thought the chocolate factor needed to be reduced in something. I must have had a fever at the time.

Anyway, other than substituting the Heads or Tails cookies for the traditional cookies, I actually followed the recipe, which is unusual for me. Since it was a new recipe, I had to taste-test them before they left the house. How would I know if they were any good or not if I didn’t? Turns out the hardest part of making this recipe was not eating them all myself. They’re really good! I managed to eat only one strip of the treats before they headed off to college, but I’m looking for an excuse to try them again!