The Pretty One wants an ice cream cake for his birthday and I don’t have any room in the freezer. So…it’s time to clean it out. The choice was bananas or blueberries – I have way too much of both in there.

I toss aging bananas in the freezer. I simply can’t throw them away. I have no idea how many are in there; I just know that I must keep them for later use! In fact, right now there’s a banana on my desk that should be perfect for freezing when I get back to the office. I can’t wait.   

Yesterday I ran across a recipe for Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. Click for recipe. I’ve made banana bars, banana bread, banana muffins and banana cheesecake but I’ve never made or eaten banana cookies, so that swayed my decision to clean some bananas out of the freezer.  

These cookies are addictive! Trust me, I’ve had several – but all in the interests of taste testing, of course.  The banana flavor is present but not overpowering. The cookies are very moist, and the texture is soft, light and pillowy. They’d make as good a breakfast as dessert  — think oatmeal, bananas and nuts, but easier to eat while driving.

I took most of the batch to the dojo this morning because I was afraid I’d eat them all myself! Someone described them as “like little banana muffins” and someone else told me to put them away so he wouldn’t eat any more. All who tasted them had good things to say, so I’m calling them a success!

My freezer is still too full. I’ve got more bananas hiding in there, but maybe tomorrow I’ll clean out some of those blueberries.