Renshi’s birthday was coming up and I was trying to get him to say what he wanted for his treats. He didn’t like any of my suggestions (chocolate cake roll with fruit and fresh cream, fruit trifle, cheesecake) and asked, “Why do you keep trying to put fruit in my dessert?”  Banzai Birthday Treats: Twix Brownies

I know he’s normally a chocolate guy, but hey- I was just trying to be supportive of his healthy eating of late. Obviously that wasn’t appreciated, and to be honest, I’d forgotten the rule that desserts on one’s birthday contain no calories.

Since Renshi couldn’t think of what he wanted, he spent some time on Pinterest (not kidding here) and sent me a couple of links. One was for these Twix Brownies from Jasey’s Crazy Daisy, which had been on my radar for a few weeks, and I was happy to have an excuse to make them. (Like I need an excuse to make something with chocolate and caramel in it, right? ) Click for recipe.

Banzai Birthday Treats: Renshi's Twix Brownies

Karate Chips guards Renshi’s Twix Brownies from all the hungry ninjas!

Anyhoo — these brownies are a 4-layer delight! Crunchy shortbread crust, fudgy brownie, sweet caramel, and a final layer of chocolate ganache sweetness. Oh yummy!

Easy to make? Well, yeah…sorta. There is nothing complicated about any of the layers, but there are four of them. Fast to make? No. You have to plan ahead with these because of the cooling time between a couple of the layers. Just something to keep in mind. But worth the time these take? Absolutely!

They’re delicious just the way they are (I actually followed the recipe – no tweaks!), but can’t help wondering what they’d be like with the addition of nuts. But then they wouldn’t be a Twix Brownie anymore because the nuts would turn them into Turtle Brownies. Not that I have a problem with that, because I think that’s one of the best flavor combos around. Hmm…I might give that a try next time.

If you like your desserts rich, rich, rich — this might become one of your favorite recipes! It’s one of the few times I don’t remember anyone going back for seconds. Which is good (or bad) for Renshi and his family, because our rule is the birthday ninja is responsible for consuming the leftovers – either by sharing with family or co-workers. I don’t care who eats them, as long as they don’t go home with me, the baker who has no willpower. OK, truth be told, I did take one home to eat later, for “testing” purposes of course, and it was still good 2 days later. And now it’s gone and I wish I had a couple more…