Who wants to see inside my head? I’d have to think only people who want to see what CraZy looks like! Believe me – sometimes I’d like to see a movie of my brain. Other times? I’m not so sure.

Munchie’s Mind. Why would I call it that? Two reasons: Howard and Tom. I have a picture on my cube wall, drawn by my long-term cube neighbor Tom, titled Michele’s Mind. It’s a sketch of a profile that’s filled with sugary delights. There’s also a bit of family thrown in there for good measure. That explains the “Mind” part.

But what about Munchie? When I was in food service Howard, one of our suppliers, came by every Thursday for our orders. And every Thursday, he would wait in the kitchen for me to run through. He said he knew I’d be by sooner or later, looking for something to eat. Howard called me “Munchie.” I’ve always thought it was appropriate. So…Munchie’s Mind it is.

What’s in Munchie’s Mind? Well, FOOD, of course! Lots and lots of food! It’s an obsession. Mostly the sugary kind, but I’m trying to find room for some healthy food as well.

If you’re wondering if there’s anything besides food in there, the answer is yes. There’s family – kids & grandkids & more who keep me smiling. Friends – blessedly, friends. They make me crazy and keep me sane, simultaneously at times.

And there’s my time-consuming challenge, my addiction, possibly my second-place obsession – Karate. Some days are victorious; some days are struggles as I earn my black belt at my half-century mark.

Those are the major occupants of Munchie’s Mind. There are always random things that flit in and out, sometimes by invitation, sometimes by crashing the party.  Lots and lots of giggles, things that perplex, things that infuriate, things that give me hope.

So come on in – if you dare! Settle yourself into a nice, low, kiba dachi (that would be a horse stance for you non-karate participants) and take a look around. Have a laugh, shed a tear, drool over food with me, find some encouragement, and let me know what you think.

Welcome to Munchie’s Mind!