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I made this soup in response to cravings for a hearty vegetable soup. I know I’m not usually a veggie advocate, but I do like a good vegetable-based soup.

The flavor of this soup was just what I was looking for – hearty, tomato based, and well-balanced with the spices in it. I made this while I was trying to cut my meat consumption, so I cut the meat in half and doubled the beans. You could easily add more vegetables such as green beans for even more veggie goodness. Click for recipe.

A sprinkling of parmesan cheese tops this off nicely. Serve it with some crusty bread from the bakery department at the grocery store, and it’s a nice, hearty meal on a chilly day!

This mama loves her boy and loves to cook for him! I’m lucky he lives close enough to stop by once or twice a week; it keeps me from missing him too much.

I like to send The Pretty One back to school with things he can heat up for dinner. He cooks for himself, but as a student athlete he doesn’t have the time or the desire to experiment a lot. Without cooking experience it’s difficult to branch out too much, so his menu is fairly limited. He’s trying, though and I think he’ll end up being a pretty good cook. He was raised by professional cooks, so maybe a little of that rubbed off.

I make things he can’t or won’t make for himself, and things that have a different flavor profile from his usual repertoire. Translation: I don’t make burgers, brats or spaghetti for him.

The Pretty One loves Alfredo sauce, rice and peas, so when I found this recipe I couldn’t wait to make it for him. It does require some prep work — it calls for cooked chicken and cooked rice — but that can be done in advance. I cooked the chicken and rice in the morning, then threw the casserole together and baked it in the evening. Click for recipe.

Ready for the oven!

Like most entrees, this recipe can be adjusted to your taste. I left the peppers and nuts out of the original recipe because I didn’t think they’d be welcome. I didn’t have any basil (What? I love basil!) so I used Italian seasoning. We like peas, but you could substitute broccoli or some other veggie if you prefer. I used brown rice but white or wild rice could also be used. Instead of breadcrumbs on the top, I used crushed corn flakes for a little crunch and topped that with minced garlic for extra pop. I really like ham, peas and Alfredo sauce together so next time I’m going to substitute ham for the chicken.

How did it turn out? I asked The Pretty One tonight. He had a complaint — there wasn’t enough. He wants more. He said it was really good and he ate it within 24 hours. I agree – it did taste good! I had to try a spoonful myself. How else would I know if it was any good? And I had to break into the casserole so I could show you what it looked like, right?

This dish is a keeper. I’ll be making it again, but it sounds like I’ll be doubling the recipe next time!

This is a favorite cookie from my childhood, one that I enjoy as much today as I did when Mom made them for our family. I love the peanut butter with the crunch of the corn flakes – it’s breakfast without the bowl and milk! 

I ate these as a kid and I’ve made them for my kids. They’re simple to make, don’t require baking, and they’re delish! I love introducing people to this cookie – without fail, they are quickly gobbled up and people want to know how to make them. Click for recipe.

These cookies travel well and hold up nicely in the heat, so they’ve become a “go-to” recipe when I need something to take along. I shared them with my team when we helped build a house in the 96 degree heat last summer, and while they got a bit warm, they didn’t melt or fall apart.

The Recipe Guardians

This recipe is a family classic, and so important to us that it’s kept on our frig and guarded by my guys — The Chunky Monkey and The Pretty One. You can see it’s a well-loved recipe by the peanut butter speckles on the recipe card! 

Normally I make these with regular corn flakes. The cheapest generic brand doesn’t hold up the best, so keep that in mind when buying your ingredients. I have friends who make them with Special K, and I used Honey Bunches of Oats this last time because I had a lot in the house. They were good, with the honey adding a slight sweetness and the bunches adding a bit of extra crunch. I liked them, but will probably use regular corn flakes in the next batch because they’re a little less sweet. You can use regular or crunchy peanut butter, whichever you have on hand.

I hope you enjoy these! If you make a variation of this cookie, I hope you’ll share how you do it.