Patty, my Very Special Friend, got married recently. Patty, or Happy Patty as my son calls her, is a former coworker with a quirky sense of humor and a unique laugh that makes everyone around her laugh with her!

Patty and I have shared meals at various venues over the years, but my favorite was probably our dinner at an ice cream place. Our conversation ran the gamut of subjects, and I think we were there for 2-3 hours — long after our ice cream was gone.

When Patty asked me to make the groom’s cake for her wedding, I was honored! I love participating in the celebrations of friends, and this was sure to be something out of the ordinary. Patty and her special man, Brian, asked me to create a replica of a cake from an episode of The Simpsons. I don’t watch the show so before I agreed to do it, I asked for pictures. It looked like something I could handle, and I was in!

I mixed up a triple batch of vanilla cake plus lots and lots of frosting! I can never judge how much frosting I need, so copious amounts of blue and white were mixed up. In fact, I had so much frosting left over, I took some to the office with the cut out portion of the cake, and still had enough left over for my grandkids to use. 

I’m proud to say the whale cake was a hit with the happy couple — so much that despite requests from my co-workers at the reception, Brian wouldn’t allow it to be cut for the guests at the reception. I hear the whale got eaten up at the family brunch the next morning, but I think he would have enjoyed a trip to the Keys with the honeymooners, don’t you?

I was thrilled to have a small part in Patty & Brian’s special day. I wish years and years of happiness to this wonderful duo!